Persistent in Making another attempt

A persistent person usually succeeds most of the time. He never gives up on making himself better by taking a massive training capacity under his smart and great teacher.

Keep trying even fail many times. Most of the time he trains with emotion not by brain. That’s why, it takes time for him to figure out new things. The only one thing he know is “Keep trying and never give up making it happen”.

While trying hard to make himself stronger and better. Deep in his heart, he hopes that he can bring his friend back to the village known as “The Hidden Leaf Village” or Konoha.

Yes. That’s the story of Uzumaki Naruto, a positive and persistent guy. I’m a fan of Naruto and Rock Lee. I love their character. They NEVER GIVE UP on making themselves better in their field. They are super positive. They have a super Emotional Intelligence.

But, wait. Stop for a while. Guys please “control your excitement”. It just an anime, the real world is different. Look at yourself now and work to make yourself better. Makes sure you can sleep, eat, dress and live well. If you still can’t do it, be persistent to make another attempt until it’s happen.

This post is just a simple sharing based on my practical experience, my research, and my committed study on how to make my life getting better and better every day.
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