Never forget the basic things in everything you do

Perhaps, you hate to do the basic things repeatedly. I really believe that the basic or the foundation of every skills you have make you getting better.

When we are too focus on getting better, some of us might forgot the basic things that bring us to the present us. Here are several examples of basic things that make who you are today, Eat, Sleep, Dress, Write, Read, Listen, Watch, Walk and Run.

If you keep doing the basic things above, you will get better and better every day. It will strengthen your strength. You can add another basic thing that relevant with you.

I’ve been watched a movie titled “Dangal”. In that movie, there’s a scene where the daughter forgets the basic things about wrestling that her father taught her before he went to sports academy. She forgot it than ended with losing many times in wrestling competition.

This scene taught and remind me to never forget the things that help you become who you are today. Let the basic things remain and become one with yourself. So, whenever you fall, you’re not completely fall, because you still have the basic things in you that useful for you to wake up again.

This post is just a simple sharing based on my practical experience, my research, and my committed study on how to make my life getting better and better every day.
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