How to keep your life stable?

I’m thinking about making my life more stable in this year, especially in financial. But, before that, I must refine my daily activities. I must refine every action that I make in daily life.

To begin my journey to stabilize my life, I love to change my thought first. I mean, some words to keep in mind. This is because, human is a creature that always FORGET what is important for them. So, the words that I always keep in my mind is “Put things where it belongs”.

Usually, you will have found this rule in the library. The librarian wants the library keep in shape. Always neat and tidy. So, they can find any books in the library when it needed. For me, the library is STABLE when you can easily find the book you want. To make you understand why I choose these words, here are some example;

  • You wash your plate after use it.
  • You sleep when it’s time to sleep
  • You put knifes in the kitchen
  • You park your car in your own park
  • You return the book you borrow to its owner.
  • You make your bed once you wake up.
  • You not buy when you don’t have money.

In the bigger perspective of real life, I define a STABLE life as you can eat 3 times a day, sleep 8 hours a day, a comfortable house to rest, a car to travel, able to save money for the future, and spend time to learn new interesting things with your loved ones.

But, to achieve the big things above, you must get started with small things. Here are 2 aspects of life that you can change to start stabilizing your life.

1. Education – Your desire toward education will grow over times. This is important because, I’m a person who believe that every change start from your thoughts. Education helps you refine and improve your decisions making. (You are not stable when your thought isn’t stable. #Joking)

  • 10 minutes a day to read books.
  • 5 minutes a day to think and write to get better
  • Reciting positive self-affirmation

2. Financial -  Spend money to buy time. I mean buy something that you can use for a week, a month, a year or for the rest of your life. Spend money not because you want something fast, it’s because you can use it longer. (Some people, love to buy time because they want something fast. And I tell you, only rich people spend money in that way. Rich people have much money and you don’t, just do this sometimes or in emergency case).

  • Buy foods stock for a day
  • Buy foods stock for a week
  • Buy foods stock for a month
  • Purchase a monthly needed service
  • Be loyal to a special woman.

As a conclusion, when you put things where it belongs, your life will be more comfortable. If you want to start stabilizing your life today, get started by changing the small things in your life. Once again, PUT THINGS WHERE IT BELONGS.

This post is just a simple sharing based on my practical experience, my research, and my committed study on how to make my life getting better and better every day.
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