Have a story to tell

Everyone who have passion in something must have the ability to tell at least one story for their friends. But, to attain this ability, you must practice consistently. There are 2 ways to tell a story, that are Writing and speaking.

I learn more from Seth Godin. Every day, he always has a story to tell his to readers (I’m one of them). If you a blogger and interested to learn more about him, you can go to his blog www.sethgodin.com . Be a subscriber, so he can send you new updates direct to your personal email.

I’m currently, copying some of his blog writing style. His blog post is very simple, but valuable. I’m really impressed with his ability to choose simple but valuable words for his blog. I wonder what kind of books he read. Because, I also want to read it.

I believe that he got that ability through reading lots of books. If you want to write better, read more. You will get more interesting story through reading. So, you never run out of ideas to tell.

If you want to speak better, listen more. This is the second way to tell a story, that are through speaking. But, to speak better, you must listen more. For example, watching and listening on how Mark Zuckerberg, Shah Rukh Khan, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Daniel Ally speak.
You will get better over times.
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