Going back to KL with Malaysia Airlines

My Christmas and New Year holiday almost reaches its end. In just a few days, I will be going back to Peninsular of Malaysia (I prefer to call it KL).

Flying with Malaysia Airlines for me is so far so good. Especially the food they prepare for me. I’m not really care about the flight postponing. Because, I can read my favorite book while waiting to depart.

I love to read book. That’s how I run from the life challenges for a while. Two hours of reading in the sky is excite me a lot. No one bothering me. But, sometimes I still try to have a small conversation with the person who seat beside me.

My next holiday will be on May 2018. The ticket isn’t booked yet. Maybe that time, I go with AirAsia, depend on the price. If I’m lucky, I will get the cheapest one. I’ll try to book early.

Today, I have a simple tip for you, that are, PLAN EARLY SO THE PERCENTAGE TO FAIL IS LOW. Write the plan on the paper, so you can modify it over times. If your plan cost you lots of money, try your best to minimize it. And yes, this is just another tip for you DON’T MESS WITH YOUR MONEY.
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