Why I continue to post on Splash Money Online Blog?

Sometimes I’m losing myself, I don’t know why I do what I do. You may be ever experienced the same before. But, I try to think and produce as much idea as I can. If you are reading this, you might don’t get anything. Because, I wrote this post just to let you know that I’m still working for this blog.

This might a random topic. I just put my finger on the keyboard and keep typing within 30 minutes.
I do that, so I know I’m still using my brain to think. How about you, are you a blogger? Try this method, to keep your blog continue to grow. I wrote this because I want to motivate myself, to think and get better. Do you know what I think while writing this post? I remove all the negative boundary that stuck in my head.

I must continue to work for this. If you are a new blogger, you also must keep work for your blog and I believe you can do it. You just put your finger on the keyboard and start thinking slowly. Every word that appear in your mind and you think it’s good for your blog, write it as a new content.

I tell you this secret, “my English grammar is too bad”. But, I continue to learn and read as much as I can, so it will improve. Are you confident with your English writing skill? Follow my method to bring your English writing skill to the next level.

You just think positive, continue to act. You will be happy once you get what you want. I’m wanting to sleep now. I will continue tomorrow. So, good night for you guys.  Have a sweet dream.
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