What to do after the basic need has been fulfilled?

I’ve been share about the basic needs in the previous post. You can read the article titled 2 Basic Needs must be fulfill before succeed. Today, I want share about what to do next, after the basic need has been fulfilled. There are two ideas that I’ll share in this post, here is it;

Car - Having a Car helps you move to one place to another place in short time. It will make your business run smoothly. Yes, I know that now we live in the internet world, but as a human we still need to do something without internet. With car, we also can go to work without being late, walking around with our friends to find foods or go to the beach sometimes.

Clothes gives you different colors. I mean, people will see and define in the way you dressed. Wear something that make you valuable. People love to see interesting, valuable and simple person. If you are a person who don’t really care about what others think, then you may wear something that make you comfortable but still looking good.

That’s all for today. I hope you enjoy reading this simple post and found it valuable.
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