What is your life plan for 2018?

Two days left for us to enter the year of 2018. I think, it’s the perfect time to think about, what will you do on 2018. If you ask me, here is my life plan for 2018.

For me, I’m just thinking about scaling my life. So, it will be easy for me to know where and what I’ve got. Of course, I must make a list for the things that I have and don’t have. You also can do your own list, so you know your current level.

I’m excited to think about Moving to the next level of life. I’m always loving to get better for the things that I love to do. To make this happen, I’ve been cultivating reading habit in my daily routine. If you are a person who love to bring your life to the next level. Starting from today, with a strong desire, add a valuable habit that helps you make your life even better than before.

Every day, it’s an opportunity for you and me to move one step forward at a time. I’m Focusing on the listed habits that I’ve cultivated since year 2015. I hope it will change my life in the future. How about you, have you cultivating something that make your life even better?
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