The Trafficwave 30 minutes list challenge

It’s important to keep in front of your customers. This is the actual objective of advertising, that are to make you never forget about the advertisers. Most of Advertisers today loves to advertise their product on Facebook, but if you lazy to promote (manually) or don’t have much money for advertising (automatically), try to show up in front of your customers at least once per month.

Building your lists. That’s mean, you must politely try to request your customers contact information, so you can keep in touch with them. For example, look at the below of this post, can you see the Trafficwave form. That’s how I request contact information from SMO readers, so I can keep remind them to visit my blog at least once per month.

If you think it’s hard to master the list building skill, get started and learn it from SMO Blog (Splash Money Online Blog). Trafficwave provide a simple syllabus for you to master the list building skill. The syllabus is more on Practical, and don’t worry, you will adapt naturally with the theory of list building in over time.

30 minutes challenge helps you set up your own challenge in a few minutes. It’s easy to set up. Just follow the provided steps and begin promoting. This link helps you to get started with the 30-minute list building challenge.
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