How to explain things clearly?

A desire to explain things clearly. For people who found its difficult to explain things, even the things that they want to explain is simple, you can fix it by doing the below actions.

Change the way to you think
Just think it as your habit. Remember, the first rule of changing your life is start from you thought. So, if you want to attain the ability to explain things clearly. Think like It’s a natural for you and you’ve been doing this for a long time. Think that you really love to explain things clearly.

Choose the proper action
Some action might be an effective for you. Just choose the listed actions to start practice. You can find another way to do this. Just search on Google. But, here are my suggestions;

P/s: I suggest it to you because I’m either face the same problem as you. Means, we both are same.

1. Speak from you head and record your voice. – Just push the recording button on your phone and start to speak everything what’s in your mind.

2. Speak with Text and record your voice. – Pick some good article around you. And once you get it push the recording button on your phone and read the article aloud.

3. Read, understand and record your voice. – Try to read and understand some passage within 4-5 minutes. Once you done reading. Speak what you understand from the passage you’ve read just now.

Play with time
You need more time to attain this ability. It’s not happen overnight. So, you need to practice DAILY (if it’s not urgent.) But, I recommend you to don’t rush to avoid stress. Learn to pace yourself in a daily or weekly basis (within 6 months).
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