How Reading Book 1 Hour per day changed yourself?

Reading is a great way to learn and train our brain, so you can easily understand new things. Reading book train your brain to figure out things, from text to imagination.

You love to read but don’t have books to read? You can borrow Books from the library around you and once you have it, read until you reach the last pages of the book. Based on my experience, every time you finish a book, it will change your subconscious mind.

The one thing that fascinating me the most is reading can help you become a better person. Based on what I learned from Earl Nightingale, reading ONE HOUR PER DAY will help you become top of your field within 3 years, national Authority in 5 years and become top in the world in 7 years.

Just by reading one hour per day, you are on way to be a better person. Be patient and stick to this useful and powerful habit.

I’m a person who believe that my habits can change or break my future. I choose reading habit to become part of my life, I’ll never leaving a Day without reading book. It’s one of my new habit for 2018. How about you, what’s your new habit for year 2018?
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