How people define you?

This question appears in my mind when I see my friends graduated from their study. They now are doctor, musician, teacher and dentist. When I see their achievement, I ask myself, how people define me?

Sometimes I ask my friend, “if we are not a close friend, can you tell me how you describe me?” The most average answer that I get is “you are kind”, “you are humble” and “you are athletic”. Thanks for that answer, I appreciate it.

People will define you based on what are the common things you did around them.

  • If you always read books around them, they will define you as a Bookworm.
  • If you always play piano around them, they will define you as a pianist. 
  • If you always singing around them, they will define you as a singer.
  • If you always laughing around them, they will define you as a happy person.
  • If you always post your run activity in Facebook, people will define you as a runner.
  • If you always talk about funny things, people will define you as a joker.

When I understand this concept about how people define us. I’m tried to put certain behavior to certain people. And the result is “Yes, people define me as the way they see me”.

Now, let’s think about yourself. What repeated action that do you want people think about you? Take a pen and paper, write it down, practice it daily, weekly, monthly or yearly until you become completely adapted with the action. Soon, people will approve it.

Just to let you know, this understanding will help you to determine your destiny, the life you love to live. Because we are what we repeatedly do.
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