2 Basic Needs must be fulfill before succeed

It’s hard to success when you fail to provide the basic needs of your life. I prefer think that these 2 basic needs are a foundation of success. Once you pass on providing these 2 basic needs for yourself, you can move yourself to the next level of success.

Food gives you energy to live. When you don’t get enough food, your eyes, brain, hand and foot, will not work properly. When you Hungry and you don’t give your body the food they need, your day will full of negative thoughts. And I tell you, negative thought will lead you to negative behavior. I have an example situation, “Do you angry, when people ask you many question while you hungry? Or Can you concentrate on your job while you are hungry?” If you say YES to these two questions, that’s the example that shows how lacking food, affect the negative action.

House gives you a place to rest and to protect you from bad weather. You can save all your own things in your house. You can make you house a place to train and increase yourself value. Here is some example that you can do with your home, a kitchen to prepare food, a mini library to gain knowledge, a bed room to sleep, and a car park to park your car. If you love piano, you can put a piano in your house. That’s what you can do when you have a house. Interesting isn’t?

That’s all that I think the most important basic needs for anyone who want to succeed in life. Hopefully, you will learn something valuable from this post, if you found it valuable, you can share it with your family and friends.
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