Why you must use Trafficwave Autoresponder service for business?

This article is might not suitable for a big company. Only for the small and medium businesses. Every businesses need to keep in front of their customers. In other words, you need to keep in touch with them. And to do that, you need a low-cost service that helps you collect contact information and send announcement to your massive number of customers with a single click of button. This service known as “Autoresponder”.

There are many Autoresponder service provider in the internet, here are several of them, Aweber, Icontact, Constant Contact and Getresponse. They can provide beautiful capture form for your business blog. But, if you use them, the charge will be more as your lists grow.

If you concern about COST aka money, you can choose Trafficwave autoresponder service with only $17.95 per month. If you use Trafficwave service you will pay $17.95 forever, even you got millions of lists. You can stop using their service once you succeed with your business.

If you are new in your business, you must know your financial situation. It’s important for your business survivability. Try use Trafficwave autoresponder for 3 years and see how its help your business or blog to survive. It will cost you $17.95 x 36 months = $646.2.

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