SplashMoneyOnline: Success is what you do daily

How you define success? Each one of us have our own understanding about success. The way you define success might be interesting than mine. Some of us might define success as getting everything you want in life. That’s an interesting way to define success. You are same with the old me.

Long time ago, I’ve been read a book titled “The Procrastination Cure: 7 Steps To Stop Putting Life Off” by Jeffrey combs. His book changed the way I define success. I start change my daily routine. And you know what happen next? I get my current job. Reading his book two times absolutely life changing for me.

Let me share a little bit about what I understand about “success is what you do daily”. Are you happy if you get $1000 per month from your blog? I guess you will be happy with that. How about getting $1000 per day from your blog? I guess you will happier with this.

You might want to be a successful person, but you don’t know how to get started. Take this advice with you. Change your daily habit. There’s a mystery in this success definition. I’m either still trying to figure out. But for now just focus on the good and positive daily habit. Build success through habit. Your understanding about success will increase over time.
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