One habit that helps your blog get massive traffic

You might curious about what it takes to get massive traffic into your blog. Now, before I tell you the answer, I want you to forget everything that you know about blogging. Don’t even think about how much money you will get if you are practicing this habit. If you are ready. Here we go.

Put positive things daily, monthly or yearly in your blog.
I might get influenced by “The Law of Attraction”. But, it really is. Positive action will bring positive outcomes. You must do this consistently. Take as much time as you can. Set some goal to practice this habit. Here is my favorite scale of success:

If you spend 1 hour per day for the things you love,
In 3 years, you will be the best in your field.
National authority within 5 years
In 7 years, you will be the best in the world.

Now, get started. Think about what will you become in the next 3,5, 7 years from now. Remember, you are what you think, and you’re more likely to do what you think. Just get started and keep doing it, even you don’t want to do it. Just focus on the habit above, and ignore the rest.

That’s all for today. Have nice day.
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