How to see who is stalking you on Facebook?

Sometimes, I really want to know who stalk my Facebook. I’m curious “Is my girlfriend/boyfriend stalk my Facebook account?” that’s one of the question that always stuck in my mind whenever I’m online. Because people today love to be “CCTV”. They want to know what you do or what you think.

The reasons to stalk; Good or Bad.
They might do it, because they want to learn something from you. Or they love you. I’m either love to stalk my Facebook friends, because I love and want to learn something from them. I’m stalking with a good intention. For example, if I know they love music, I will play their favorite music. If they love McDonald, I will bring them visit McDonald sometimes.

Link that help
I found a link that, I think its help me to know who stalk my Facebook account. I don’t know whether this link trusted or not. But, for me, I’m satisfy to use this link. I’m not curious anymore after using this link because I know already who stalk my Facebook account. “The curiosity just fulfilled”.

If you interested to know who stalking you on Facebook, You can visit the link above. Warning, don’t trust the results so much. It might be right or might be wrong. Do it just to fulfils your curiosity and for fun. Don’t take it serious. Have fun and happy online.
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