How it is feels to be a Trafficwave affiliate?

Nothing is easy in this world. If you have goals you will always need to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Sometimes you will feel disappointed. That's the first thing I want you to know.

For now, I only have one goal. My goal is to have $10,000 in my bank account. Of course, the goal after all is to earn 6 figure monthly residual commissions from Trafficwave affiliate program. I hope I can achieve my goal through

And you know what? Developing this blog also always push me out of my comfort zone. Because, I must create at least an article for every week. To do this I must use all the English words that I know and that’s a challenge for me.

Becoming an affiliate to Trafficwave is like an investor. You can pay for others to get started. You pay $17.95 for someone, and you will get it back 2-3 weeks later. It gets back as %100 Fast track bonus. You are not losing your money.

The feeling of fear for losing money is obvious when you do any online business. Same as becoming an affiliate to Trafficwave, I'll admit that I'm either afraid of losing money, even it's only $17.95 per month.

There's a time, I'm confused whether willing or not to pay for new Trafficwave affiliate. Sometimes it takes 24 hours for me to make that decision. Do you ever feel like this before? It worst isn't? If you ever experience this before, then we are same.

I'm afraid that, Trafficwave not give my money back (as 100% Fast Track Bonus). Because, I need it to recycle the money as a modal to pay for new affiliates to

But let me tell you, even you are ready to pay for a new customer, you still will get rejected. Because, it's not easy to make people trust you. Once you experience this, you will learn that even using the easiest method itself, when it comes to online business, it's really hard to start earn few dollar in the first month you get involved with it.

That's why, you must be persistent. Continue to learn, think and grow rich. Enjoy your journey as an affiliate to Trafficwave.

Fear of losing money
You can't miss this feeling while becoming a Trafficwave affiliate. But, I tell you, it's feel awesome when you get your money back. It's even more exciting when you get it along with your current monthly commissions. Because, you can help others without losing your money and get paid as a Trafficwave affiliate.

The fear will not affect you so much if you know what you are currently doing. That’s why, before you make any decision, especially when it cost you; money and time; You must know what you're doing, You must know the reason you do it, You must know why you do what you do, You must know the effect of your action, You must know where you're going and don’t forget to ask yourself, Is it worth your money and time? If you know what you do, Fear will not affect you so much.

If you fear of losing money, it means the money control your decision making. Ask yourself, do you want money control yourself? Don’t ever let the money control you. You must and should control your money. If you can control your money, you are on your way to financial freedom. Because, a person who control their money, always know the right place and time to invest their money.

I have a tip for you to reduce the fear of losing or investing money. First, only spend or invest your money for the things that you can use for one month or one year (you are lucky enough if you found any service or product that require you to pay every 5 years). For example;

  • Trafficwave autoresponder service. I pay $17.95 for it. Now, I can to use their service for one month. $17.95 for 30 days. It’s worth my money and time.
  • You buy a car. Let’s say, the price is $80,000. You can use your car for 5-7 years. $80,000 for 5-7 years. Is it worth your money and time? Of course it is.
  • You buy a house, let’s say, the price is $400,000. You can use your house for your whole life. $400,000 for whole your life. Is it worth your money and time? Of course it is.
  • Or buy a food that enough for one week or month (Reminder, please check the food expiry date). 

Always ask yourself before spending your money, “how long I can use this product?” This is just a simple question. But, this question can be your life changing question.

Now let’s talk about spending money on Trafficwave affiliate program. To become an affiliate on Trafficwave, you must spend $17.95 per month. That’s mean, you must spend $215.4 per year. I want to ask you again, is it worth your money and time? Yes of course. This is how it make its worth your time and money:

Month 1
Let’s say, you just joined Trafficwave affiliate program on January and spending $17.95 for it. That’s mean, this is your first month. Remember you are an affiliate to Trafficwave within 31 days. $17.95 for 31 days. You don’t know what happen within that 31 days if you post your Trafficwave affiliate link EVERY 2-3 days on social media. You might not get any downline for this month, no one in this world knows. That’s why you just keep make a shoot.

Month 2
Just keep make a shoot until February. In this month, you will pay $17.95 for 28 days. That’s mean, you have 28 days to keep shooting. You might get a downline this month. Plus, you might get a downline that spillover from me (in case you sign-up through my Trafficwave affiliate link). As usual, no one in this world knows, how many downline you will get in this month. Just stay positive, keep shooting, you are on your way there.

Month 3
You’ve been reach March. In this month, you will pay $17.95 for 31 days. That’s mean, you have 31 days to keep hunting for downline. I guess, you will start feel tired in this month. You might started ask yourself, why it’s too long to get a downline? All the “why” question will start appear in your mind. But, I know, you might don’t give up for this month. You might disappointed this month. You might get 2 new downline that spillover from me this month. You are getting confused this month, whether to keep or to quit. But, you want to keep shooting for the next month.

Month 4
On April, you will pay $17.95 for 30 days. I’m either can’t guess what happen in this month. But, I still believe that you still not give up. Because, you still remember that you will get downline even you are not promoting. You get downline that spillover from me. You make a decision to keep waiting for the next month.

Month 5
Then, here you go. You’ve been reach May. In this month you will pay $17.95 for 31 days. Congratulation!!! Because you’ve been reach 5 months with Trafficwave affiliate program. That’s mean, you’ve been spend $89.75 with Trafficwave affiliate program. I know, it’s not easy to keep with Trafficwave affiliate program. But, as usual, we don’t know what happen within 31 days. Will it getting better or not? But, for me, I will keep make as many shoot as I can within this 31 days.

Month 6
You’ve reach June. As usual, you will pay $17.95 for 30 days. That’s mean, you got 30 day to keep hunting for a downline. You might get a new downline if you keep promoting your affiliate link every 2-3 days on social media. This result is almost confirm. Because, there are 1 or 2 friends know your affiliate program for 6 months. They see that you are so persistent on promoting your affiliate link. That’s why they want to try.

Month 7
Hold your standard as you get new downline. Continue do your work until you reach July. In this month, you will still pay $17.95 for 31 days. Don’t forget, you have 31 days to keep promoting your affiliate link. In this month, you might start working together with your downline. Do the simple work you’ve done before. In this month, you will start get paid by Trafficwave. Your income might enough for you to cover the Trafficwave monthly bill. You set up auto fee deduction, so you don’t need to pay anymore. Because, you got 3 downline in your first level and receive $6 commission for each of them. Which mean, 3 x $6 = $18. You must know, $18 is enough to cover the Trafficwave monthly bill, just set your Trafficwave account to auto fee deduction.

Month 8
You continue your journey as a Trafficwave affiliate. Hunting for a new downline. You’ve been reach August. In this month, you will continue to pay $17.95 (auto fee deduction) for 31 days. That’s mean, you have 31 days to keep looking for a downline by promoting your affiliate link on social media. I guess posting your affiliate link in social media every 2-3 days been become your habit. I tell you, this kind of habit will change your financial destiny. Because, this habit will become your values. People love valuable things. Just continue this good habit.

Month 9
Once you reached the September, you are completely a person who become one with your habit. You will start love to promote your affiliate link as much as you can. Because, you’ve been understood something that only you know it. The way you see the world around you will be different than before. But like always, you still with Trafficwave affiliate program and pay $17.95 (auto fee deduction) for 30 days. You have 30 days to let the habit bring your financial aspect to the next level. Continue to do the job.

Month 10
October. Once you reach this month, you must happy because you can do something repeatedly for 10 months. Again, I tell you, if you continue to promote your affiliate link every 2-3 days on social media, your monthly commission from Trafficwave affiliate program will increase 2 times. Because, you work with your downline. Let’s say, you have 10 downlines, and every one of them do the same as you do in social media. I don’t know how many downlines you’ll get if you work as a team. But, team work always brings positive outcome in this affiliate program. Don’t forget, you still will pay $17.95 (auto fee deduction) for this month, so you can keep working with your team within 31 days.

Month 11
November. I know, you are getting lazy in this month. But, I’m remind you to stay consistent. Because, no one in this world know what will happen next. Keep this in mind, if you keep doing what you’re doing, you will keep getting what you’re getting. Just continue the habit that you nurture in your past 10 months. Continue to pay $17.95 (auto fee deduction) per month. Because, in this month, you have another 30 days to grow your Trafficwave affiliate organization. Never lose your pace my friend.

Month 12
Now, it has been December. You’ve been become an affiliate to Trafficwave for a year. You’re truly a winner. Because, a winner never quit. But, keep in mind, never lose yourself. You still need to pay attention on the $17.95 (auto fee deduction). This month, you have 31 days to push your Trafficwave affiliate organization to next awesome level.

Continue to keep the good habit in you. Put this scale to guide you become more successful in the future. I love to share this scale of success that I learn from Brian Tracy and Earl Nightingale. I hope you can take it for yourself.

1 hour per day of study will put you
- Top of your field within 3 years
- National authority within 5 years
- Top in the world within 7 years

Just to let you know, my first goal is to be a Trafficwave affiliate within 3 years. 2018 is my second year and 2019 is my third year. 2020 is my forth, 2021 is my fifth, 2022 is my sixth and 2023 is my seventh. I don’t know what will happen next. I just plan for it, so I can focus in the present. How about you? Do you have any simple things to do for the next 3, 5 or 7 years later? Of course you have isn’t?

You might interested to become my downline in Trafficwave affiliate program. You can do it by sign-up through my affiliate link here. Remember, now you still have more chance to get downline that spillover from me. So, act now. Because this slot is limited.
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