How blogger make money online?

I’m talking about how I plan to make money online using blogging method. Becoming a blogger is not easy. You must work consistently. The work that you must do is “think, write and publish”. That’s make you a blogger. Now, I’m telling you the process. How blogger make money online?

Affiliate programs
Most bloggers use their blog to promote their affiliate programs. They become an affiliate for the service they’ve been use. For example, I’m using Autoresponder service from While using their service, I’m also become their affiliate. I promote my affiliate link through this blog. If anyone sign-up through my affiliate link, I will able receive commissions from Trafficwave company. That’s how blogger make money online.

Google AdSense
If you’ve been updating your blog for more than 6 months. Then, you can try to apply Google AdSense. Once your application is approved. Focus on creating new content, so you can bring more visitors to your blog. The More visitors you get, the better income you’ll get. That’s the second ways on how bloggers make money online.

It is not easy for a blogger to make money online. Forget about blogging if you expect making fast money online. Average blogger only succeed to make money from their blog after 3 years, depend on the value of you put in your blog.

But, don’t worry, if you confident that you can provide valuable content for your blog, you can earn faster than the average bloggers out there. Now is the time for you to get started. Build a blog for you and start to “think, write and publish” today. All the best.
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