5 things that you must do for the first month with Trafficwave affiliate program

Welcome to Trafficwave affiliate program. You already get started and let’s continue your journey with me and splashmoneyonline. In this article, I will tell you what you should do in order to succeed with Trafficwave affiliate program. Five things you should do now so you know where and what are you going to do for the 5 next months. Here we go:

1. Setting a goal
You must be careful in this part. Because, people always do stupid things here. You must know yourself better. You must know your environment, routine, and another commitment in life. In order to set your goal, you must answer these questions,

a). What you want?
b). when you want it?
c). Can you really work for it?

2. Budgeting money 
Becoming an affiliate to Trafficwave.net will cost you $17.95 per month. So, you must manage your salary wisely. You do it and you can keep growing with Trafficwave affiliate program. If you join now then stop for the next few months, I tell you “you really wasting your time”. Your budget something more like this. Let’s say, you join Trafficwave from October 2017:

$17.95 - October 2017
$17.95 - November 2017
$17.95 - December 2017
$17.95 - January 2018
$17.95 - February 2018
$89.75 – Total

3. Listing mindset 
The problem with human is they are always change their mindset. So, to fix that, you must make a list of proper mindset and read it every day. Choose mindsets that motivate you to keep moving forward. Words that give you more strength to grow and get better every day. Let it keep stuck in your mind. Here are my version:

a). Success is what you do daily, monthly and yearly.
b). Keep your products in front of people daily, monthly and yearly.

4. Listing simple routine
Now it’s time to list a proper action for you. So you can grab your goal with your own hand. Let’s work to make your dream comes true. Let’s say your goal is “Get 2 downlines every month”. For me, I will do these:

a). Post an article to my blog
b) Read “listing mindset”
c) Spend 10 minutes to read book

5. Get started and work
If you are reading this and feeling motivated to join Trafficwave affiliate program. Please do so, by signing up through my affiliate link. For your information, by signing through my affiliate link, you will receive downline that spillover from me. In other words, by becoming my downline, you will get downline automatically.
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