5 Habits of successful blogger - part 2

Several months ago, I’ve been wrote an article titled “5 Habits of successful blogger”. But today, I will share “5 Habits of successful blogger - part 2”. These 5 habits will helps you even more successful than before. So, let’s dive into it.

1. Follow others blog
Different bloggers will teach you different things. So, by following others blog, you will able to learn something new and use it to improve your blog.

2. Reread goal
Sometimes, we forget our main blogging goals. That’s what, you must read your goal every day, to remind you, to keep in your track.

3. Plan daily activity
If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. You might be very busy until you forget your blog. But don’t abandoned your blog, you must do something to make it grow awesomely. Just include “blogging” in your daily plan.

4. Think positive
As your blog continue to grow. You will get more attention. Makes sure, to handle massive people with a positive thinking. Let the positive bigger than the negative thinking.

5. Love numbers
Let the numbers growing. Continue to count your work. If you’re not success for your 100th works, and it’s time to shoot 1000th. Number are unlimited. Just continue to grow with number. It will be fun.
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