3 reasons why people don’t want join Trafficwave affiliate program

I’ve been blogging about Trafficwave affiliate program for almost a year, but people still don’t want to join me. I’m okay with that, now it’s time to think about why people don’t want to join me. I just figure out 3 reasons why people don’t want to be an affiliate to Trafficwave. Let’s go:

Can’t commit on promotion
I’ll admit it, promotion is the hardest part in making any business to succeed, and it’s happen when you don’t understand the meaning of “promotion”.  You will easily give up on any business you do. For me, promotion is to let people know the existence of your product. Promotion is not to make more sales. If you understand this, then I believe that you will succeed in any business you do someday.

Can’t commit for monthly renewal
Money is always the problem. To become an affiliate to Trafficwave, you must spend $17.95 per month. People don’t join Trafficwave because they can’t commit the monthly renewal. When you think you can’t, then it’s true. I don’t have to elaborate it. Because, I believe human is a wise creature, they can find a best solution for their problem or in order to achieve their dream.

Put wrong attitude on making money online
Guess what?  “I join Trafficwave affiliate program so I can make money online quickly”. People always want things happen quickly, but remember the general rule is “it takes time”. People who putting the wrong attitude in order to make money online usually only can commit below 3 months in any online business they joined. Just to let you know, making money online is really hard for a short term goal and it became tremendous great for a long term goal. So, whenever you join any online business, try set a long term goal if you want to succeed with it.

Let’s make it easy for you to get started
Yes, I want to make it easy for you to get started. Become a Trafficwave affiliate by signing up through my affiliate link so you will get downline that spillover from me. Don’t wait, sign-up now.
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