SplashMoneyOnline - Want to give up on your Goal? Try this method to keep going

As a human being, I’m really sure that sometimes you want to give up on your goals. That feeling, perhaps, happen because you’re tired of waiting or get distracted by your environment. I’ll admit it, it also happen to me. But today, I have my own solution to this problem.

Reduce the work capacity
Let say, you do 3 jobs before, then now try reduce it to 1. Just take one step at a time. Come back to do the 3 jobs when you are ready of feeling motivated. The principle is never quit, keep moving forward with a little step at a time. When you make that little step, use energy that just enough to accomplish that step.

In life, as we working to achieve our goal, the challenge will getting hard. And sometimes we will losing our pace. Sometimes, we are unable to work with the same amount of work as before. So, instead of giving up on your goal, it’s better to reduce your work capacity.

I use this principle
This is the principle that I hold to develop splashmoneyonline.com. I post an article every day from Monday to Friday. Writing with hope that someone will join Trafficwave affiliate program with me. If you are reading this and get interested, sign-up now because you will get downline that spillover from me.
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