2 Reasons Why Making Money Online is Hard for Certain People

Before I start blogging, I really want make money online as soon as possible. I just thinking about money, money, money. And then, the answer is always failure, failure, failure. I stopped for a while and thinking about the mistake that I’ve done. I tried to throw back all the journey that I did before. And I noticed that I make more mistake. Here is it:

Don’t work consistently
If you don’t work consistently you will get nothing. The work that you have do if you want to make money online is keeping your product in front of people or in simple words “promotion”. And I’ll admit it, unless you have more money for advertising, it is super hard to keeping your products in front of people. I’ve tried traffic exchange, safelist and pay per click but I can’t handle the cost (Time and Money). Finally I rather choose blogging.

Want fast result
If you want to make money online from zero investment for advertising for example, don’t ever expect a fast result. It’s all about time. You must build your reputation before you start earning. To succeed in the internet, you need to wait lots of time, sometimes it take 3-4 years. How long you can wait? Answer it by yourself.

Bonus reason – upline don’t help them
I’m happy to tell you here that I will help you to earn money from Trafficwave affiliate program, it only happen if you want to work with me. It’s simple just sign-up and do one weekly habit that I’m going to tell you once you sign-up. And the most important things you must know is if you sign-up through my affiliate link, you will get downline that spillover from me.
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