Why people give up to make money online with Trafficwave affiliate program?

As a Trafficwave affiliate, you must know why people give up on Trafficwave affiliate program. For those who’ve been joined Trafficwave before, is there any of these lists are one of the reason you give up on Trafficwave affiliate program?

Not supported by their upline
It’s hard to succeed if you don’t have role model. Same case with being successful in Trafficwave affiliate program, you need upline support. People leaving their Trafficwave account because their upline don’t communicate with them.

It’s important to support your downline, support them by sending a monthly email. Telling them how are you doing, or ask them “what are you doing?”. The key is stay connected.

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Can’t cover the monthly bill
Some people leaving their Trafficwve account because they can’t cover the monthly commitment with it. I understand that we face different situation and make $17.95 is too much for you. But ask this question to yourself “What I do for myself?

If you don’t have money, what you must do to make money?
If you don’t have $17.95, what you must do to get $17.95?

Always think about what you can do for yourself. If you need money, work for it. Success is what you do in common. Same principle with money. Money only come when you do something repeatedly.

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