How long to keep with Trafficwave affiliate program?

This question should not appear in your mind. But, Because I think it's an important question that I need to answer for you and for myself as well. I've been joined Trafficwave for more than a year. I still not earn awesome income from their affiliate program but, I still looking forward to it.

I don't know what's in your mind, but for me, I will keep with Trafficwave affiliate program until I'm completely not be able to keep with it. Perhaps, some people who don't plan their business with Trafficwave only want to keep with it for 6-7 months.

I have a suggestion, what if you try to join Trafficwave for 3 years. See what will happen. See what will you get. Set enough amount of money to keep with your Trafficwave account. Do small things in social media so people join Trafficwave through your affiliate link. Do it within 3 years.

You can join through my Trafficwave affiliate link so I can keep in touch with you directly through email or through this blog. I'll try to help you by promoting your affiliate link in this blog. Are you interested? Join me now and get downline that spillover from me.

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