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Splash Money Online is going to be my first English blog. Even, my English is not good, I will keep writing as much article as I can. Reading article from another blog will get my English better. One of my favorite blog is I learn how to express what is in your mind using words. There are hundreds of useful articles that you can read by visiting From this blog, you will able to learn different writing style from. The article in this blog are contributed by many bloggers from around the world. They post it as "quest post".

I can say that, average of blogger, post about their passion in blogging. For example, "I still not earn anything but I keep focusing on creating content because, I believe that someday, people will come and read my blog post."

And after reading it. I realized that (really, really, realized it) I need and must keep going. Even, you think that you are talking to the wall. I also don't know, what kind of post that I need to put here on I just want to do something and earn money from it. And as you see, is online now. Do you like it?

I don’t know whether you like it or not. I just try my best to keep this blog get update every week. The only things I know is I’m improving. Developing something that make my English better. Yes, I’ll admit that sometimes I feel the pain when there’s no one come and read my blog post. But, I believe and stick with my goal. Focus on it and focus on doing something for it.

Not every blogger will succeed in their first 3 years in blogging world. Most of the time, it takes 4-5 years for a blogger to achieve 4-6 figures income per month from their blogging activity. It is important for your blog to survive within that time. Perseverance and persistence is the key to survive in the blogging world.

What to do, when you don’t have any idea to write? As I mentioned above, I read articles from and find some idea from there. You might found 3-4 ideas from there and use it to create your blog post. One thing that you must keep in mind whenever you don’t have any idea for your next blog post is “read article from another blog”. Each blogger teaches us different thing; so, it’s good to read their blog post and learn something from it.

For example, when I read article from, I learn how to make a good title for my blog post. And when I read article from, I learn how to express my passion on blogging. One more example, teach me how to keep believing that this blog will pay me someday, that’s why I keep on writing. You can learn more from these blogs. They are more senior than me in the world of blogging.

If you think you can’t, and doing nothing, yes. It’s true. But if you think you can’t and you doing something, Trust God, you will make it someday. Action is everything in the world of blogging. If you keep writing, you will get better.

That’s kind of mind I’ve use to developed You can think and feel anything negative, but please keep in mind to take the positive action. The action will become one with you, once you see the result of what you currently doing. You reap what you sow. Sow more good stuff in your blog and you will reap more someday.

I also cultivate myself to read one book per month. To accomplish this, I spend 15 minutes per day to read book. Sometimes, I read two books per month. I’m not a fast reader. (will be a fast reader someday). I’ll keep read and write for life and for this blog. I also watch inspirational video on YouTube. So, I can put the voice in my reading. pushed myself to the limit. To post something new, I need to read, think and write, repeatedly. That’s the process of success for me, and I’ll keep doing it until succeed.

Even I’m not feeling well; I keep do it. Because I love it. Set a small goal and go get it. Big success start from small success. Small success will inspire and motivate you to keep moving to a better level of life. Stick with your goal, live with it and make it as your habit. If you think, you don’t have time, then make time for it. If you think, you don’t have a way, then make a way. This is my mindset to succeed as a blogger. Because, I see more and more blogger succeed with their blog; and why not try to be like them.

I know it’s not easy to be able to make money from your blog. It’s require time. You need to spend time to think about the title, the point and the image that good for your blog. And you must do that same thing repeatedly, it might be takes several years; and most of the time, you will able to make money after 4-5 years later. Not all the successful internet entrepreneur today succeeds in the first year with their blog or website. We take as an example, it’s just get started in a famous university in the world and then get spread to around the world after 5 years. Now, still growing and the owner, Mark Zuckerberg become one of the richest person in the world after Bill Gates.

I get more inspiration after reading the story of Mark Zuckerberg. Hopefully, I can get 1% of his success through this blog. And to get there, I need to fix some bad things in this blog, so I deserve to earn that 1% of Mark Zuckerberg’s success. That’s my dream for, “I want to get 1% of Mark Zuckerberg’s success!!!”. I can’t wait to reach that moment. But for now, I will focus on my small steps to get there.

Working for your dream is exciting moment in life. Every time you wake up in the morning, you realized that you have another opportunity to reach your dream, even closer day by day. I’m grateful to be able to share my thoughts with you today in I’m trying to achieve 100 loyal readers for this year. Hopefully, I can make it happen. I must write more and more articles for you. Reading from others blog also become my priority because I want to learn something from them. I also find idea from popular social media such as and Never forget to visit because he will tell you how to make valuable things in life. All the linked website above is my favorite venue in the internet. Because they help me, so I will keep and work persistently for my dream and life. You must develop something in life, keep doing something for it, because, someday you will reach some level where you really being grateful for it. If you understand, what I’m talking about, get started now. Do something and grow with

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