How to use email marketing for business?

Email marketing is the heart for a big company such as Facebook and Twitter. They still able to keep in front of their customers because of email marketing. I bet, you've been receiving notification email from Facebook that telling you someone has been send you a friend request. That's how Facebook and Twitter use email marketing. They keep send email, so people never forget about them. Today, I want to share how to use email marketing for your business.

Tell the Benefits
Every product has its own benefits. You can tell the benefits of your products to your customers through email.

For example: Your product is a Car - and the Benefits are:
  • Top speed: 200mph, 
  • Energy source: 50% solar energy,
  • Cost: $25,000 (cheap)
"You can keep telling your potential customers that you sell a Car with top speed 200mph, use 50% solar energy and only $25,000 to get it."

The key here is "Keep telling the benefits of your products".

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