The most Beautiful Email marketing I ever read

I just want to let you know that the most beautiful email marketing that I ever read are from Twitter. I still save their email marketing in my mail box. I want to make it as my reference. It’s better than email marketing from Google and Facebook. I’m not telling you that email marketing from Google and Facebook are not good. I’m telling you this because I love email marketing from Twitter. I can learn from it. Do you ever read email marketing from Twitter? I recommend you to subscribe to Twitter email lists so they will be able send you some email marketing.

If you need a cheap and powerful email marketing tool. I recommend you to use email marketing service from It’s only $17.95 per month and if you’re not familiar with their service, just sign-up as 30 days FREE trial. Check out Trafficwave pricing through the link below and sign-up when you are ready.
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