Automated email marketing

I’m a new in email marketing. But now, I know how to set up email marketing using Trafficwave autoresponder. Using Autoresponder to send your email campaign will save your valuable time. You can either send an email offer every 3 or once a week.

It’s easy to us it. Most of the Internet marketer use email marketing method to connect with their customers and to keep remind them about their products.

Once you set up 6 – 10 email that talking about your products to an autoresponder it will become automated. Your customers will receive email from you even while you sleep. That’s the reason what it’s become “Automated email marketing”.

If you need a cheap autoresponder service, I recommend you to try Trafficwave. It’s only $17.95 per month. Don’t worry, they also will give you 30 days FREE trial to use their service. Check out the link above to try Trafficwave email marketing service and get started to automate your email marketing campaign.

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